Montafon Forest School

The Montafon Forest School aims to promote an understanding of the forest and the natural correlations of the environment. It focuses on learning and experiencing nature in a playful and practical way.

The Montafon Forest School offers extensive guided tours for nurseries, schools and other groups, practical training courses to become a junior forester and recertification coaching for forest educators. A guided tour through the forest stimulates the mind, appeals to all senses and inspires action. Young and old are welcome to use all their senses to smell, feel, taste and hear the forest. 

Learn more about the roles of the forest in the forest itself. Observe and discover to perceive and be able to act. In the long term, this will lead to a responsible relationship with nature.

The two buildings at the Montafon Forest School are located at Kristbergsattel and Borgkopf. You can reach the Kristbergsattel location using the Kristberg cableway, whereas the Borgkopf location is just a short walk from the valley station of Kristberg cableway.

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