Stand Montafon (english)

The regional association of Stand Montafon has grown over centuries, organising many aspects of the lives of people living in the valley. Stand Montafon represents the ten municipalities of the Montafon valley in the southern Vorarlberg region. As the regional authority of the valley, Stand Montafon assumes a plethora of tasks in the areas of transport, social affairs, forest, culture, education and economy.

The ten Montafon municipalities of Bartholomäberg, Gaschurn, Lorüns, St. Anton im Montafon, St. Gallenkirch, Schruns, Silbertal, Stallehr, Tschagguns and Vandans have been collaborating closely under the umbrella of Stand Montafon for centuries. The structure of three independent associations representing people living in the valley (Stand Montafon, Stand Montafon Forest Fund and Montafon Sewage Board) but sharing one administration is unique in Austria.

Stand Montafon’s range of duties has changed a lot since the Middle Ages. In the past, its tasks included combating animal epidemics, maintaining roads and organising joint fire insurance policies. Today, more than ever, Stand Montafon takes on many important political tasks in the region, which can be tackled much more easily and effectively as a joint effort. Examples include regional planning activities, a long-distance bus service, a sewage board, the museums and archive, a music school and a library, serving as a link to the EU with regard to subsidies etc. and collective future-oriented regional development. 

Stand Montafon also takes care of preserving the natural and cultural landscapes as well as the high quality of life in the region and coordinates many essential everyday needs. In a nutshell: Stand Montafon is part of everyday life. 

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