Montafon Music School

The foundation of the Montafon Music School in 1970 was mainly shaped by the ideas of the district brass band officials who wanted to establish a training centre for the young musicians of the nine traditional bands of the Montafon valley. In close cooperation with the responsible politicians, it was possible to establish an institution offering musical mass education for children and young people – and even adults with a keen interest.

The music school is financed by all valley municipalities and the region of Vorarlberg and presents itself as an educational facility with a wide range of subjects thanks to the systemically planned individual setup and development of the classes.

The programme includes elementary musical education and dancing as well as keyboard, string, plucked, percussion, woodwind and brass instruments.

A steady influx of pupils is proof of the high interest in this important cultural and youth centre as well as of the high level of acceptance and significance of musical education as an important addition to school and work that brings emotional balance.

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