Montafon Museums

The cultural activities in the Montafon valley are coordinated and carried out in close cooperation by Stand Montafon and the Montafon Heritage Society under the “Montafon Museums” brand.

The four Montafon Museums are the Museum of Local History in Schruns, the Alpine and Tourism Museum in Gaschurn, the Mining Museum in Silbertal and the Frühmesshaus Museum in Bartholomäberg. Experience the history and culture of the Montafon valley in these impressive museums. They cater for all tastes, showcasing all kinds of exhibits from archaeological finds to contemporary art. Discover the rich history and defining traditions of this unique region. 

The management of these four museums as well as of the Montafon Archive, the collection and a technical library is the starting point of many activities which are complemented and documented by numerous publications. There is also a comprehensive year-round event calendar, culminating in the cultural month called septimo, the Montafon Summit (Montafoner Gipfeltreffen) and the Vorarlberg Day of Contemporary History (Vorarlberger Zeitgeschichtetag).

Not to mention the numerous (research) projects in the fields of cultural history and cultural landscape as well as the regional and interregional cooperations with partners from the realms of culture, science and education. Stand Montafon also awards the Montafon Science Award and the Montafon Building Culture Recognition. The Montafon Cultural Landscape Fund financially supports activities to preserve the cultural landscape in the Montafon valley.

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